2013 Rotary 5190 District Conference - Rotary 5190 - 2014 District Conference

2013 Conference Photos

District Governor: Sam "Woody" Wilbanks


"To Boldly go where no clubs have gone before!" Welcome to the District Conference photo site. Here, you can "teleport" all of the photo memories from the event directly to your hard drive or purchase photos from Shutterfly to be moved to your home spaceship via a much slower means of transportation (AKA Snail Mail) We truly enjoyed being a part of this year's District Conference! I'm including ALL photos, both good and bad. There are blurry photos, photos with bad expressions, photos with people with eyes closed etc... I hope that ultimately, we captured everyone at the event and thought you might appreciate your photo even if it wasn't that great! You are great, Rotary is great! If you need a "High Resolution" photo for a newsletter or press release, please email me at randy@rascati.com and I'll send you the photo(s) you need. Randy Rascati Your photographers for this year's event are: Mike Black - Reno Sunrise Rotary Club Jon Green - Reno Sunrise Rotary Club Eric Maass - Sparks Centennial Sunrise Club Randy Rascati - Sparks Rotary Club Natasha Young - Reno Rotaract Club Disclaimer - We are Rotarians, we come in Peace. We are volunteers just like everyone else at the Conference. No, you can't buy these photos, but we'll gladly share them with you for free. TECHIE NOTE: The final quality of these photos is in many cases, much better than what you see here on Shutterfly. For technical reasons which are too boring to describe, this website compresses all of the photos and makes them look "fuzzy". Let me know if you need a clean file for a press release.

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